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At-Home Dental Care: Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy in Quarantine

Right now, people all over the world are feeling particularly anxious. We’re living through a health crisis unlike anything the world has ever seen. COVID-19 has infected nearly 2 million people worldwide – including more than 23,000 people right here in Illinois. This virus has upended our lives, cancelled our plans, and changed many of […]

Does My Child Need a Mouthguard?

If your child plays football, hockey, or any other contact sport, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with mouthguards. They are those hard, plastic pieces athletes wear to protect their teeth during a game (or to chew in between plays). Most sports organizations don’t require athletes to wear mouthguards. Therefore, it’s easy for a parent […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

Each and every one of your 32 teeth is unique. Enamel does not grow and can be damaged. Plaque can cause decay. If your teeth are yellow, they might be decaying. Saliva is more important than you may think. It washes away all the bad bacteria in your mouth. Did you know any of these? […]

Despite Brushing Twice a Day, Top Athletes Suffer from Bad Oral Health

The World Health Organization writes that oral health is a key indicator of well-being, general health, and quality of life. It includes a range of illnesses that include dental caries, tooth loss, periodontal disease, oral cancer, birth defects, and oral manifestations of HIV. According to a 2017 study called “Global Burden of Disease,” 3.5 billion […]

What is Cosmetic Dentistry, and Why Do People Need it?

People whose teeth are worn, stained, chipped, discolored, broken, misaligned, or have gaps between them might benefit from a cosmetic dentistry procedure. It’s important to have confidence in your smile, and a “smile makeover” might just change your life! We explain the types of cosmetic procedures and common reasons why people need these services. Types […]

Bruxism: What Causes It and How to Treat It

Old habits die hard, and that can be even more true when it comes to things we do almost subconsciously. Some people are already gnawing down nail number three before they even realize they’ve started biting at their fingers again, and others light up a cigarette when getting in the car as though it were […]

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth get their name because they are our last teeth to erupt—sometimes a decade after our last permanent teeth have come in—and come at a time when we are older and, presumably, wiser. Having wisdom teeth removed has become a routine practice in American culture, but there are varying reasons for doing so. One […]

Which Mouthwash Should You Buy? 3 Types to Consider

For being such an innocuous item, mouthwash seems to be highly divisive. Those who incorporate it into their oral health regimen will swear by it, and those who choose to forgo this extra step tout it as superfluous and unnecessary. While it’s true that diligent brushing and flossing should be enough to keep your mouth […]

5 Easy Things You Can Do To Step Up Your Oral Hygiene Game

We all do our best to stay healthy and, for many, that means keeping up a routine of eating a healthy diet and exercising a few times a week. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way of our goals and we notice that habits we used to be diligent about may have started to fade […]

How to Prevent Gingivitis from Your Home

So you went in for your routine checkup and you heard the word “gingivitis”. It’s natural to think all sorts of things after getting any medical diagnosis, but it’s important to keep in mind that gingivitis is not usually a grave problem or a life-sentence. Gingivitis affects half of all American adults at some point […]