Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

The arrival of fall means one thing: Halloween! From costumes to pumpkin carving, there are plenty of fun activities to do this upcoming spooky holiday! However, one of the greatest challenges that a parent can face is the sugary treats that are handed out during Halloween night.

Below, are some of our recommended tips for keeping your kid’s teeth healthy throughout Halloween.

1. Focus on Fall

Fall isn’t only about Halloween. There are plenty of fun activities to partake in, such as pumpkin and apple picking, arts and crafts, hiking, biking trails, etc. Even going for a small walk with your kids can help keep their teeth gunk-free and healthy, just avoid eating too many candy apples!

2. Eat Before Trick or Treating

You should serve up or go out to eat a large meal before trick or treating with your kids. This way, they will be less hungry for sugary candy. You can also bring along healthy snacks for trick-or-treating and wait to indulge on treats at home, under your guidance.

3. Work on Giving, Rather Than Receiving

Teach your child all about the pleasures of giving and helping those less fortunate. Instead of letting your kids eat all their candy, donate the candy to a local charity for other children who were unable to go trick-or-treating.

4. Don’t Hand Out Candy

Instead of handing out candy to the children in your neighborhood, hand out non-candy items, such as toys, fruit, or money.

5. Portion Out Your Kid’s Candy

Instead of letting them eat it all in one sitting, portion out your kid’s candy and only allow them to eat small portions for dessert or as a reward for good behavior. In fact, 90 percent of parents say they portion out their children’s Halloween candy to help them develop better eating habits.

6. Choose Healthier Candies

Here are a few healthier candy options for your child to enjoy.

  • Sugar-free gum can not only prevent cavities but also increase saliva to prevent acid and tooth decay
  • Sugar-free lollipops can increase saliva and prevent plaque buildup in your child’s mouth
  • Candy bars with nuts can break up the sticky, chocolate consistency and leave less sugar on teeth
  • Dark chocolate has antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure and improve your heart health

7. Avoid Certain Candies

To protect your child’s dental health, these types of candy that your children should avoid at all cost.

  • Hard candy is among the most popular to eat but is widely known to crack teeth and stick to teeth longer.
  • Sour candies have high acidic properties and break down tooth enamel quicker than other candies. However, it also increases saliva production, which helps neutralize the pH of your mouth.
  • Chewy or sticky candy, such as taffy and dried fruit, is difficult to remove from the surface of your teeth. This candy can easily create tooth decay and is incredibly difficult to brush off.
  • Sugary candies, such as candy corn and cake has a high sugar count which can cause tooth decay and cavities.

8. Have Your Kids Brush Their Teeth After Eating Candy

It’s important to remember that sugar high diets can be tragic to your child’s health. This is why it’s vital to make sure that they always brush and floss their teeth an hour after eating sweets, in addition to regularly visiting the dentist.

Even though Halloween is known as the “sweetest” month of the year, there are plenty of steps you can take to make it teeth-friendly. For more information on good dental hygiene or to make an appointment for your child, visit us at Aurora Dental Group today.