Teeth Whitening Aurora IL

A bright white smile can leave a lasting impression. So when our patients come in for a professional whitening treatment, they’re thrilled to find we can brighten their teeth up to 10 shades whiter. Once we’ve finished applying the Boost whitening system, however, we often hear the same question: how can I keep my teeth looking this white? In order to keep your whitening results as long as possible, you might want to consider cutting these foods from your diet.

  • Coffee. We bet you saw this one coming. Yes, we know you’re always hearing about those stubborn coffee stains on your teeth. There are a number of reasons why coffee can cause these stains. First, coffee contains tannins that can settle into the microscopic bumps and crevices of your tooth enamel and discolor your teeth. Also, the acidic nature of your coffee can actually change the pH balance of your mouth. So, if you eat any particularly acidic foods after you have your morning cup, they might wreak havoc on your teeth more efficiently.
  • Citrus Fruits. Fruits, while rich in nutrients like vitamin C, can cause big problems for white teeth. Because they’re highly acidic, they can be highly corrosive to dental enamel. Lemon and grapefruit juice can deteriorate the enamel the most, so make sure to brush and floss teeth immediately when consuming these fruits.
  • Hard Candies. The general rule of thumb is the longer sugary foods stay on your teeth, the worse they are for your smile. For example, when sucking on hard candies, you’re filling your mouth with sugar for minutes at a time. This feeds the bacteria in the dental plaque on your teeth and allows it to slowly corrode your enamel.This tooth decay will slowly discolor your teeth.
  • Pickles. This one can be a bit of a surprise for most. The problematic ingredient here is the vinegar used in the pickling process. While vinegar can make pickles deliciously sour and salty, it can also damage your dental enamel. Eating pickles in moderation is fine, but be certain to avoid snacking on them too often or it could cause tooth decay.
  • Soda. You might be thinking that sugar is the main teeth-staining culprit in carbonated beverages, but you’d be wrong! Yes, even sugar-free sodas are can stain your pearly whites. This is because soda is also very acidic, which can corrode your enamel and lead to decay. It’s best to avoid these drinks at all costs but, if you just can’t live without, try to limit your intake to mealtimes rather than sipping all day. This will limit your teeth’s exposure to the harmful substance. Then, as always, be sure to brush your teeth after the meal!

By avoiding these foods, you can prevent your teeth from further unwanted stains and corrosion. But by calling Aurora Dental Group, we can bring your teeth back to their original whiteness! Call us today to schedule your appointment for a professional whitening treatment.