Sports guards

Wearing a sports guard when playing contact sports is essential. Not only do guards protect the wearer from injuries caused by collisions with other players or sports equipment, such as a ball or puck, they also stop the teeth banging or damaging the tongue.

Although there are generic models available, the benefits of using a dentist-fitted sports guard are indisputable.

Dentist-Fitted Sports Guards Are More Comfortable

Wearing a sports guard takes a little while to get used to, but eventually, a well-fitted guard will become barely noticeable to the wearer, especially when they are focused on giving their all to the game. Unfortunately, generic, store-bought guards, even boil-and-bite models, are much less comfortable than those professionally fitted by a dentist.

This is because everybody has a different jaw shape and bite; there can be significant differences in tooth shape, size, and placement even among children of the same age. In the best cases, generic mouth guards are not ideal but perfectly wearable; in the worst cases, they are so ill-fitting they cause problems such as mouth ulcers.

They Don’t Impede Speech or Breathing

Poorly fitting generic mouth guards can also lead to the wearer experiencing issues with speech and breathing. It is crucial for optimal athletic performance to be able to breathe without difficulty and communicate easily with their team.

A custom-fitted sports guard will not slip and obstruct the airway during play, and although it may take a little while to become accustomed to speaking while wearing the guard, the thin structure and trimmed flanges ensure that you’ll speak clearly again in no time.

Generic Sports Guards Aren’t Appealing to Wear

Wearing a sports guard when playing sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse is vital to protect the sports player’s teeth, jaw, tongue, and gum; however, sometimes, sports players prefer not to have to wear one.

If their mouth guard is uncomfortable, as generic guards often are, people are less likely to want to wear it. This is especially true for children, which is why having a professionally fitted guard is so important.

Custom Sports Guards Are Safer

The objective of wearing a sports guard is to protect the teeth and mouth as much as possible. While wearing store-bought guards is preferable to not wearing one because they do not fit the teeth and gums as well as dentist-fitted guards, they cannot offer the same level of protection.

Generic mouth guards are typically made from soft, pliable plastic, so they fit as many people as possible. However, this means they are not as strong or protective as custom-fitted alternatives.

Dentist-Fitted Sports Guards Are More Durable

Unlike store-bought guards, dentist-fitted models are made from a strong thermoplastic. As well as offering more protection and shock absorption for the wearer, this material also means they are more durable and have to be replaced much less frequently.

Use Custom Sports Guards for the Ultimate Protection

It’s tempting to opt for a store-bought mouth guard because they don’t require a trip to the dentist. A professionally fitted model’s advantages far outweigh the slightly longer wait time to have a piece fitted. For better protection, comfort, and durability, choose a sports guard that has been tailored to you.