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Want to Keep Your Teeth White? Be Sure to Avoid These Foods!

A bright white smile can leave a lasting impression. So when our patients come in for a professional whitening treatment, they’re thrilled to find we can brighten their teeth up to 10 shades whiter. Once we’ve finished applying the Boost whitening system, however, we often hear the same question: how can I keep my teeth […]

All About Sugar: Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

The arrival of fall means one thing: Halloween! From costumes to pumpkin carving, there are plenty of fun activities to do this upcoming spooky holiday! However, one of the greatest challenges that a parent can face is the sugary treats that are handed out during Halloween night. Below, are some of our recommended tips for […]

Teeth Sensitivity: Why You Have it and How to Get Rid of It

Do you feel a sharp pain in your mouth whenever you eat ice cream or a hot cup of soup? Do your teeth sting every time you brush your teeth? If so, you may be one in the 40 million Americans that suffers from teeth sensitivity. What causes teeth sensitivity? In most cases, a healthy […]

How Your Oral Health Can Affect Your Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, thinking about your oral health might be pretty low on your list of concerns – but don’t let your dental hygiene fall by the wayside. Keeping your mouth healthy is even more important during pregnancy, as your oral health can affect the health of your growing baby, and vice-versa. What to Do […]

The Skinny on Candy

If you’ve been to your recommended twice-yearly dental appointments this year, you’re probably already tired of hearing your dentist tell you to stay away from excess sugar and sweets. But your doctors also want you to live a happy life, and sometimes, that means allowing yourself some indulgence in your sweet tooth. Here’s how to […]

Dry Mouth and Medications

Dry mouth isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be damaging to your health and well-being. Whether you’re taking over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, being proactive about your dry mouth can save you time and money you might otherwise spend resolving the long-term problems dry mouth can lead to. Do I have dry mouth? Symptoms of dry mouth […]

How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Your Dental Health

If you’ve ever wondered why your dentist always wants to know what medications you’re taking, you’re not alone. That information might seem irrelevant, but it’s actually quite important to your dental health. When we take prescription drugs to help cure or treat a medical problem, we generally don’t give much thought as to whether those […]

Four Oral Health Resolutions You Should Make For the New Year

As the new year approaches, resolutions are at the forefront of many people’s minds. After all, a new year is the chance for a fresh start. A common focus of many resolutions is self-improvement, often in the form of making healthier choices. What’s often not considered, however, are the improvements most people can make in […]

General Oral Health: Not Just in Your Mouth

Many people view oral hygiene just as a means to prevent cavities, or to avoid developing a painful gum disease. While it’s true that maintaining good oral hygiene can keep your smile bright and healthy, did you know that your oral health isn’t limited to the inside of your mouth? Although taking care of your […]