Teeth Whitening

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Bright White Teeth with Boost!

Bright white teeth can be a huge factor to achieving the perfect smile. White teeth not only make your teeth look healthy, they also enhance your overall look. Our team achieves perfect smiles with the Boost professional whitening system.

Get dramatically whiter teeth without breaking the bank. Treatments start as low as $299.

Do You Want to Boost?

The Boost Chairside Whitening System is a scientifically advanced, patent pending tooth whitening procedure. It’s safe, effective, and fast, very fast. In less than an hour your teeth will become dramatically whiter.

Boost Chairside Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The convenience of Boost in comparison to days of wearing trays or strips, makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

Erase The Years

Teeth whitening can make a fast, dramatic difference in your appearance, making you look younger and fresher. You could see a difference of up to 10 shades!

We also offer at-home options for teeth whitening. Call us for details!

Our Services Include

  • Shade Whitening
  • Boost Technology
  • Bleaching
  • At-Home Whitening Kits
  • Gel for Enamel

Get Ready To Boost!

The Boost In-Office Whitening System will make your teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour.

The procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. We then apply the proprietary Boost Whitening Gel, which was designed to be used with a specially designed light.

The Boost light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration. With proper care your smile will sparkle for years.