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Is Your Baby Teething? Your Questions Answered!

If your child is beginning to get cranky lately, you might be wondering if their first tooth is coming in. This can be both an exciting and frustrating time for new parents, but we’re here to help! Here are the answers to parents’ most common questions about the teething process. 1. When do babies start […]

How to Prevent Your Child From Getting Cavities

Though they may not be permanent, your child’s baby teeth are critical for their development. These teeth help your child develop good chewing and speech mechanisms, and they even ensure that their permanent teeth have a pathway to grow into. Therefore, it is so critical that we protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay. Here […]

Encouraging Dental Health in Children: Seven Tips to Implement Today

As a parent, there’s likely nothing that’s more important to you than the health of your children. You work hard to ensure that they eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, and visit the pediatrician for regular check-ups. But what about their oral health? Often, parents overlook dental health, perhaps not fully understanding how closely it’s […]